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"I have been taking this supplement for a few years now

I had very painful knees and was suffering with plantar fasciitis on one foot. I initially read about it online and was convinced that I needed to give it a try. Wow, am I happy I did. It has been a life changing supplement for me and I will never be without it. I take two heaping tablespoons every morning in my coffee. It is virtually tasteless and dissolves completely and it doesn't change the consistency of my coffee. Give it a try if you have joint issues. It just might work for you too!"

Karen C.

"I have been taking this supplement for a few years now

I have noticed a definite improvement in the softness of my hair, the texture of my skin and the reduced stiffness in my joints. I will be a regular user from now on. The really nice thing is that buying directly from GLG actually saves money than buying from anyplace else. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their overall skin tone and joints."

Rebecca S.

"We have been taking Collagen Hydrolysate for over 18 months

I have had great results. Creaky knees gone, able to squeeze lemons again in the morning then there is the skin! We are in our mid-late 50s and wanted to get a jump on combating the aging joint process but never expected to see our skin firm up and reduce wrinkling. Creepy skin has slowly disappeared. We have also referred at least 10 friends from 50s to 70s and everyone is ecstatic over the healing properties of this product. Last thought dissolves in water so clean you know this is a quality filler free product."

Mary Kay F.

"I have used other collagen products but this one is absolutely fantastic!!

I am recovering from knee replacement surgery and am doing so much better and faster recovery because of this incredible product. Easy to use, no taste and my body, hair, and nails are in the best shape ever!! Do I recommend? Hands down – ABSOLUTELY!"

Janet A.

"I'm a Fitness Specialist who works in a major hospital and this product keeps me feeling great all day.

I also bike ride and take it with me every ride! It gives me the endurance both mentally and physically to perform at my best. Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product. I will be a loyal customer for life!"

Jill J.

"I had my doubts when I first started taking collagen over a year ago, but I'm never going to be without it now!

I used to wake up with a back ache (not my mattress), but realized after a month of taking the collagen, that I didn't have that anymore. I also noticed that my creaking knees no longer made clicking noises as I walked up and down the stairs, and my fingers felt stronger. This is a wonderful addition to anyone's dietary supplement, and anyone with joint problems should at least try it!"

Barbara W.

"My family and I have enjoyed Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate for years!

I am a runner and was beginning to have difficulty running due to joint pain. I began to take this product and haven't had a problem since! I also love what it does for my hair and nails! And it's a great way to get additional protein in your diet! I absolutely recommend it!"

Shelley V.

"As I pursue a ketogenic/paleo lifestyle, my use of protein powders has diminished

However, my staple for protein in my coffee continues to be Great Lakes' collagen hydrolysate. It adds ZERO flavor to my coffee, and often times I find I'm satiated for longer periods of time than just that moment. Coupled with a bulletproof plan, this collagen is great! It mixes well with any liquid, and my wife generally adds it to her soup to get an extra boost of protein for the day."


"Love that you deliver so quickly to and I cannot live without this product !

I've noticed a difference in sleep, overall health, my hair, skin, and nails! Amazing!!!"

Rachelle S.

"I have used this product along with a Paleo diet

My hair has grown, my joints feel great, and people ask me what new makeup I’ve been using. I’m actually glowing now and my skin looks younger than 53 years old!!!! Thank you."

Dianna T.

"My aerobics instructor suggested I take this "Miracle Powder" as she was once plagued with joint stiffness & pain as I was

Being a bit skeptical, I hesitated, but decided to try the product for myself...I did not notice dramatic results immediately, but gradually noticed that I was able to get out of my car after a long road trip easily, fluidly and without pain & discomfort. The same was true after being seated for several hours at my computer...Most amazing was the ease of going up & down one time, before this product, I dreaded climbing stairs & actually feared the slow agonizing process to go safely down the stairs. Now, I can easily negotiate stairs without pain!!! This is one product I will take religiously...I highly recommend it...would never let a day pass without taking it twice/day!"

Susan H.

"Start your day with a healthy breakfast packed with protein. A high protein breakfast can make you feel full longer.

This protein works well when I am in a hurry and am not able to eat protein for a meal. I also notice when I exercise, that my joints don't hurt when I use this collagen. After using it for 3 weeks, I notice the wrinkles on my face are becoming more faint - probably because I have more collagen in my system which as you age, you can lose the collagen as you get older. Also, my fingernails are much harder and don't break easily."

Donna R.

"I'm a 44 year old very active male who had a back surgery and 2 knee surgeries

Until I discovered this I'd just gotten used to living in pain. No more, I mountain bike and cycle 2-3 times a week and run 10-15 miles a week and feel like I'm 30 again! I seriously had thought that my running days were over due to knee and back pain. I've only been using this a couple of weeks, but I felt better within the first week."

Kendall R.

"After trying everything for my worn out knees

I have finally found something to relieve the pain, it is not like taking a pain pill, you have to use it for a while to get it into your system, but after using it for about a month my whole body feels better, and my joints are more flexible."

Richard R.

Healthy Living Tips

Start your day with a healthy breakfast packed with protein. A high protein breakfast can make you feel full longer.

Healthy Living Tips

Eat clean whole foods, lean meats, poultry, and fish. Whole foods can help eliminate gut issues.

Healthy Living Tips

Exercise! Choose something fun and create a workout plan.

Healthy Living Tips

Keep moving. Try to get at least 8,000 steps a day.

Healthy Living Tips

Re-charge! Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Healthy Living Tips

Say Hello to H2O. It’s important to keep your body hydrated.

Healthy Living Tips

Avoid sugary and processed foods.

Healthy Living Tips

Stop eating when you feel full. Use portion control.

Healthy Living Tips

Add a protein to every meal. Protein is your source of energy and building blocks for metabolism.

Healthy Living Tips

Stop eating for weight loss and start eating for health.

Healthy Living Tips

Include positive and supportive friends or mentors in your life.

Healthy Living Tips

Turn off your TV and phone and go for a walk.

Healthy Living Tips

Focus on posture while sitting or standing. Good posture can naturally improve breathing and circulation.

Healthy Living Tips

Start your day with music. Upbeat or calming music can charge your morning.

Healthy Living Tips

Take four mental breaks a day to recharge your brain. Read a book, listen to music or go for a quiet walk.

Healthy Living Tips

Stretch every morning. Stretching can increase mobility, circulation and reduce stress.

Healthy Living Tips

Plan ahead and shop for your ingredients. Prep and cook all your meals

Healthy Living Tips

Prepare a box of grab and go snacks for the week so you always have something healthy to snack on.

Healthy Living Tips

Declutter your home and schedule to refresh yourself.

Healthy Living Tips

Purge negativity from yourself and negative 

Healthy Living Tips

Let go of guilt. You cannot fix everything and everyone.

Healthy Living Tips

Prioritize healthy habits

Healthy Living Tips

Take a few minutes each night before bed to unwind.

Healthy Living Tips

Get out and do more outdoor activities. Soak up some natural vitamin D

Healthy Living Tips

Laugh often. Laughter can decrease stress hormones and increase immune cells

Healthy Living Tips

Learn something new. Develop your knowledge base and improve yourself for the better.

Healthy Living Tips

Try natural remedies. The less chemicals, the better.

Healthy Living Tips

Get out to meet friends. Friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy and prevent loneliness.